The four-team college football playoff kicks off later this month, but according to one source, college football may already be discussing expanding the playoff to eight teams. According to Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic, influential college football figures have discussed the shift.

Former Wisconsin head coach and now athletic director Barry Alvarez says in the article that expansion is "inevitable" and

 "I don't know whether we're serving all of our people now, when you have some leagues—our league (the Big Ten) as an example, "Two years in a row, we don't have anyone represented. The Big 12's been the same way. The Pac-12's been the same way.

The above article also includes a quote from West Virginia athletic director E.Gordon Gee saying it may not be in the sport's best interest to wait until the ESPN contract expires.

" I also want to be very clear: I think that there's arrogance of us not taking a look at someone like the University of Central Florida, just saying, 'Well, they're not worthy of it,'"  "Maybe they are worthy of it based upon a number of considerations that need to be taken into account"


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Would you like to see the college football playoff committee expand to eight teams in the future?

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