In a move that I would have never predicted in a million years, the Dallas Cowboys are selling out and giving a corporate name to their stadium. The building formerly known as Cowboys Stadium will be called AT&T Stadium in the future, and will generate the team somewhere between $17 million and $19 million per year.

While it's easy to see why Jerry Jones and the Cowboys made the decision (it's literally free money for the team), the move is still a surprising one to me. The Dallas Cowboys, as a franchise, hold as much brand power as the New York Yankees, Manchester United, and other world powerhouse teams. For them to just sell out the naming rights to their stadium for cash tarnishes that to an extent, at least in my mind.

Besides, this isn't baseball, where the money generated by this new stadium name can go directly towards paying higher caliber players more money. Football is a salary capped sport, so that money will more than likely go directly into the pocket of Jerry Jones, which just seems vain and unnecessary at this point.

What do you think, should Cowboys Stadium's name be left as-is, or are you cool with the change to AT&T Stadium? Make your voice heard in the poll below.