Alabama Leads Preseason Poll
The defending national champion Alabama Crimson Tide football team will open the 2016 season as the #1 team in the country in the Amway/USA Today coaches poll. The Crimson Tide received fifty five of a possible sixty four first place votes...
Should Clowney Sit?
Jadeveon Clowney missed South Carolina's game against Kentucky last week, opting not to play due to injury just before the start of the game. While the air has been cleared by head coach Steve Spurrier, it was speculated that Clowney wasn't playing because he wanted to sit out the season and protect his body for the NFL Draft. That may not be such a bad idea.
Who Will Win The NFL Season Opening Game – Broncos Or Ravens? [POLL]
Finally, it has arrived! The NFL season is upon us, and the season kicks off tonight with an excellent ballgame between the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens. For the first time in ages, the first game of the year will not be held on the home field of the defending champions, as the Baltimore Orioles totally ruined that for the Ravens by having a game.
Would You Rather Watch Preseason Football Or Regular Season Baseball? [POLL]
Last night, NFL fans got their first taste of game day, with six NFL preseason games to whet their appetite for the real thing come September. While preseason football games are clearly not as compelling as their regular season counterparts, the majority of my Twitter feed was filled with tweets about the backups that occupied most of these games. This, despite the fact that there were plenty of r
Johnny Be Good
Without actual football to watch this summer, the media has decided to pick apart every single action that Texas A&M quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel has taken part in over the last few months, in a desperate attempt to avoid actually showing highlights of games that have happened.
Cowboys Stadium To Be Renamed AT&T Stadium In New Naming Rights Deal
In a move that I would have never predicted in a million years, the Dallas Cowboys are selling out and giving a corporate name to their stadium. The building formerly known as Cowboys Stadium will be called AT&T Stadium in the future, and will generate the team somewhere between $17 million and $19 million per year.
Over A-Rod?
Alex Rodriguez was once one of the most polarizing figures in sports due to his on field performance. While some enjoyed his frequent displays of power, others lamented over his lack of postseason success. Today, however, with Rodriguez unable to play due to injury, public opinion against A-Rod has turned decidedly negative.
Best MLB Stadium
Your friends at 104.5 The Team want to send you to any Major League Baseball game of your choice between July 15 and August 15 of this year. So we were curious: what ballpark is the fan favorite among baseball fans in the Albany area?

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