My kind of table tennis normally consists of cups filled with water and some adult beverages since I'm not very good at playing the correct way. Professional table tennis players make the game look so easy.

There's a viral video going around of a crazy table tennis (or ping pong or whatever you like to call it) shot from the world championships. Fan Zhendong, who I assume is a perennial powerhouse on the table tennis circuit with the amount of highlights he has on Youtube (Yes, they have highlights), hit one of those crazy shots that every 'Joe Shmoe' thinks they can make while playing their little brother in their garage.

Take a look at his insane shot HERE:

Clearly not a fan of table tennis, but this shot is pretty nice. The reaction from Zhendong's opponent is absolutely priceless.

Also of note, take a gander at the amount of people in the stands. I had no idea there were more than a handful of fan's for this sport. The fact that they probably paid for tickets to this too is a bit of a lose-lose situation in my mind as well.