Dallas TV Sports Anchor Dale Hansen has had explosive opinions on the local teams for three decades. He definitely didn't simmer down with the Cowboys' signing of Greg Hardy.

"Just when I begin to think the Cowboys can't possibly sink any lower," said Hansen, on his WFAA sportscast Wednesday night, "They can't fall from grace any more than they have - They find another shovel and dig a few feet deeper."

Hansen left no stone unturned, making it personal with Jerry Jones, his daughter Charlotte, and even Jason Garrett's dad.

"It was Jason Garrett's dad, Jim, a former Cowboys scout, who famously said, 'This isn't the Boy Scouts; this is professional football.'

"Well, it's not Carolina football, Jim. They let Hardy go. The team that knows him best didn't want him anymore. But it is your son's professional football.

"It's the Cowboys' way now. You taught him well, Jim... you taught him well."

Hardy was originally found guilty in the court of law for strangling his girlfriend, telling her he was going to kill her, and throwing her on a bed that was covered with his guns.

Upon his appeal, Hardy reportedly struck a deal with the victim to where she did not show up to court and the charges were eventually dropped.

While Hardy has signed a one-year, $13.1 million deal with the Cowboys, he is currently on the Commissioner's Exempt list and could likely be suspended at the beginning of the 2015 season.

The NFL is still currently investigating Hardy's case as their efforts continue to get the court documents in their possession.