Golden State Warriors forward David Lee wasn't shy about telling Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin to stop playing pansy basketball.

How can you not love it when a player who tells another guy to stop flopping?  This is exactly what happened on Saturday night when David Lee told Blake Griffin to man up by yelling, “Stop flopping!”  The Golden State Warriors were able to beat the Los Angeles Clippers 114-110.

David Lee scored 8 points and grabbed 12 rebounds on Saturday night while Blake Griffin scored 19 points and pulled down 11 boards.  Griffin has been known as an NBA flopper.  The NBA has put a system in place to punish repeated floppers.  Players can be retroactively fined or suspended if they compile multiple flops.  Blake Griffin will definitely be on the NBA’s flopping radar if he continues to be Sir-Flop-A-Lot.

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