The ongoing debate about "Juiced Balls" in Major League Baseball has taken an interesting turn after The Athletic was made aware of a private memo in which the deadening of baseballs was confirmed.

So basically the MLB has found that since 2019 the balls have in fact become more "bouncy" and could actually be part of the reason for record home runs. The science of it all revolves around the Rawlings MLB balls being stitched by hand in Costa Rica. breaks down the numbers:

The league mandates all baseballs have a coefficient of restitution (COR) -- essentially, a measure of the ball's bounciness -- ranging from .530 to .570, but in recent years the average COR had trended upward within the specification range.

So now the balls will be stitched a little looser and the first two layers of wool will be looser in an attempt to keep the balls the same size but make them a little less bouncy.

On top of the deadening of the balls, an unnamed five MLB teams will begin to keep their balls in humidors like cigars. The Mets already keep their balls in a humidity-controlled storage space along with the Rockies, Diamondbacks, Mariners, and Red Sox. So expect fewer home runs in the 2021 season...because no one likes homers(smell that sarcasm)!

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