I had Georgetown in the final game. Excuse me for assuming that the most polished, versatile wing player in the country would be able to lead one of the Big East's best squads past a team from Florida comprised entirely of dudes recruited at a Spring Break slam dunk contest. I was wrong. I'm glad I was.

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I also saw one- too-many Bo Ryan interviews during the Big-10 tournament and got way too stoked about Wisconsin.  Like, final-four stoked.  I gushed about their fundamentals and team-oriented approach with professorial smugness while ignoring the fact that they don't have anyone who would crack the rotation of the Charlotte Bobcats.

I will not win my pool.  Not even close.  I guess I'll be all right.  How is your bracket looking?  We'd love to hear from you! Here's a couple more tales of brackets loved and brackets lost to help break the ice.

Roxanne Kornreich. Future Lawyer. Current Babysitter. Washington Tavern Lifer.  Consumer of Showtime Premium Network. "Its really screwed up now.  Only 10 of my Sweet 16 are still in."  Her one word assessment: "Busted."

John Atkinson. Writer. Paintball aficionado. Intramural enthusiast. "How about a haiku?

Gonzaga will win!

I was confident in this

Time to kill myself.

His one word assessment: "Martyrdom."


Steve Goss. Voracious Reader. Tenacious Skier. Uncle Steve. "I got killed in the West but my final four are alive."  One word assessment: "Okay."  (Personally, I think Uncle Steve is killin it with his final four intact, but he knows better than to tempt college hoops karma by getting cocky this early. This is not his first county fair.)

Kendra Campana.On Twitter #grindin. At Voorheesvile High #coachin.

"Its horrible but it could be worse.  I have the #1s in my final four, so Gonzaga screwd me....  I should have better paired up the unpredictability of the season better with my bracket."  Props to Kendra for pickin the Oregon Ducks.  "To not have seen the Oregon upset coming would have been silly," she added. #getem.

One word assessment: "Flawed."



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