One guy the Knicks had to part ways with in order to bring in Carmelo Anthony was Danilo Gallinari.  Over the weekend Gallinari didn't have the best game, but showed off his fantastic ball handling skills in this clip.


The Denver Nuggets and Memphis Grizzlies are flying pretty high in the West.  They are both in second place in their division and will no doubt be making it into the playoffs.  One guy that the Nuggets have to be happy with is Danilo Gallinari, who finally back for them.

On Sunday, The Grizzlies beat the Nuggets 94-91, but not before Gallinari showed off some pretty sweet ball handling skills.  He goes behind his back, and finished with a no look pass Chris 'The Bird Man' Anderson.  Despite finishing up the night with no points, you have to be impressed with Gallinari's ability to handle the ball, especially against a team as good as Memphis.




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