The Yankee captain, Derek Jeter, who has those 3,000-plus hits and five World Series rings has apparently dished out a ring of his own to his smoking-hot 23-year old junior girlfriend.

According to the New York Daily News' Confidential section, Jeter and now-fiance and Sports Illustrated model (SHOCKING!) Hannah Davis were spotted walking from a Starbucks in Manhattan.  We know both can afford the coffee.

Davis, dubbed the next Kate Upton, whatever that means, follows in the long line of Jeter catches.  Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Mariah Carey, Jordana Brewster, Minka Kelly, Vanessa Minnillo (now Lachey), Gabrielle Union, former Miss Universe Lara Dutta and Adriana Lima.  Jeter and Scarlett Johansson were also linked at one point.

The only thing we know is Jeter is a smart guy when it comes to women.  He has had them all and had them all behind the scenes.  This comes as a little bit of a surprise, however, considering that Davis is just 23 years old.  Does Jeter really want to settle down with someone that young?  Could he be retiring soon because of this engagement?

The media will spin it however they want.  In the end, by netting Davis, Jeter has come through in the clutch again.

By:  Mike Lindsley, "Mid-Day with Mike," M-F 1-4, Yankees pre/post game host on 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio.  Follow him on Twitter at

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