The King of the SEC, that being Nick Saban spoke but nobody listened.

The Southeastern Conference decided on Wednesday to maintain their current 8 game conference schedule much to the disagreement of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban.

Saban had been pushing for the league to go to 9 conference games. he was outvoted by the other SEC coaches by a margin of 13-1. Saban was the only SEC coach to vote for going to 9.

The scheduling includes 1 annual cross division game annually and 1 cross division game on a rotating basis. The new schedule kicks in in 2014.

The SEC expanded it's conference by 2 teams last year, taking in Texas A&M and Missouri.

1 thing most agreed is that the conference, the bell weather of college football should upgrade their non conference scheduling quality.

Alabama has for the most part played a good non conference schedule, with games against Virginia Tech, Penn State among their non conference foes in recent years.

Also  it seems most walking away after the vote knew that at some point in the near future the league will go to 9 conference games and that money is a driving factor.