University of Alabama head coach Nick Saban has a no nonsense reputation. He's a winner that has put many a reporter in their place. Players at Bama love Saban... well most love him, some fear him but they all respect him. The NFL is littered with Saban's players. One such player is Oakland Raiders' Running Back Josh Jacobs. Jacobs shared a story that Nick Saban like to make 'Deez Nuts' jokes.

Jacobs was on The Dan Patrick Show and when asked to tell his favorite Saban story we all learned Saban maybe funnier than any of us thought.Jacobs recounted his 'Deez Nuts' story "It's funny because I hadn't heard one of them since middle school and then Saban, when I went to college, Saban used to do it a lot."

"Alright, so one day, I caught like five passes in a row, and he was like, 'Hey, hey, Josh. If you want to hold all the balls, hold deez.'"

I love a good Deez Nuts joke as much as the next guy but I am shocked Nick Saban is the next guy!

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