Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant bowled over a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader during Monday Night Football.  Chicago Bears safety Chris Conte had the assist.

104.5 The Team
104.5 The Team

Dez Bryant accidentally knocked over a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader on Monday Night Football last night.  Bryant was knocked into a cameraman and a cheerleader when Chicago Bears safety Chris Conte ushered him out of bounds.  The Bears whooped the Cowboys 34-18.

I was actually live in attendance for the game.  It was my first trip to Cowboys Stadium (aka Jerry World).  The stadium is unbelievable.  It's something that you definitely have to see in person at some point in your lifetime.  It's going to make other stadiums look like hand-me-downs from this point on, but I'm very happy that I got to check it out in person.

I was representing the Capital Region over in Big D.  Well, I was actually rockin out a Notre Dame t-shirt during the game.  Maybe I should've thrown on a Siena or UAlbany t-shirt.  Oh well, I told everyone there that I lived in Albany, NY.  That's good enough, right?  Put Jerry World on your sports bucket list.  Trust me; it's worth going.  Television doesn't do the place justice.  It's something you have to see with your own two eyes.

On a side note, the lovely Whitney, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader "@DCC_Whitney", was nice enough to follow me on Twitter.  How cool is that?  I just sent a quick tweet that Cowboys Stadium wasn't the only must see; don't forget about those lovely cheerleaders.  She followed me based on that.  She made my weekend!  Very cool stuff.  Just another reason why you have to check the place out.

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