Each Monday at 4 pm Levack and I recap the weekend in a segment called "Monday Mirages". Does this team, player, performance having lasting power, or is it just a one-week mirage? This week the Jacksonville Jaguars upset the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL's divisional round. Was this Sunday the final game in Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's career? The Tennessee Titans and head coach Mike Mularkey parted ways this afternoon. Was Coach Mularkey the real reason the Titans were blown out? Was "The Minnesota Miracle" a big enough play to help the Vikings all the way to the Super Bowl? Is tonight's Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors game a "big" matchup? Plus are the New England Patriots performances' under rated? Is the Philadelphia Eagles season already a success no matter the result is in Sunday's NFC title game? To listen to this week's edition click on the video below.


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