Each week at 4pm we highlight the best of the best in Socially Awkward Media. The best, worst and most awkward social media messages of the week throughout all the 104.5 The Team social media platforms. This week we were back to having more sports oriented conversations. Did you hear yourself, a friend or family member get a shoutout on air this week?

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Below is this week's best.

Duke's Barber Shop-BE WATER; wasn’t ur typical 30/30 obviously, but Bruce Lee wasn’t a typical Person. I loved it. It was Bruce. It pulled u into the passion, focus & the calm that made Him special

Matthew-Any company other than EA giving us a football game, but they just re-upped their exclusivity deal to 2025, so eff us all instead I guess.

sawdog-What is CT's venmo? I'll gladly buy him a drink right now for all the memories he gave us here in Albany.

Justin-The Mets need to upgrade at OWNERSHIP

Chris-Yanks need to upgrade at general manager. (Levack triggered in 3 2 1)

Filly Wish-

Top 5 sandwiches... mine would be,
5- PB&J
4- Turkey club
3- Pastrami on rye
2- “Thanksgiving leftovers “type
1- Ruben

James-Your name is Filly wish and a Philly isn’t even on your list(insert head shake emoji)

Justin-I'm still scarred by the video with the goats in diapers in his car while being pulled over by the police. I'm off to video chat with my therapist...again.


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