Today, Levack and Goz started their Labatt Blue training camp with their first stop being in Foxborough, Massachusetts for the New England Patriots. The show was joined by author Casey Sherman who currently has the number one sports book in the country, 12: The Inside Story of Tom Brady's Fight for Redemption". The book chronicles Brady's 2016 season from Deflategate all the way until the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history against the Atlanta Falcons. What was Brady's relationship like with the NFL at the time? How has the 2016 season changed the relationship with owner Robert Kraft, head coach Bill Belichick and Brady? To hear the  complete interview with author Casey Sherman click on the link below. Remember to continue to follow Levack and Goz all week long on social media including 1045 The Team's Facebook and Twitter pages.

What are you most interested to read about Tom Brady's 2016 season? Will you be buying a copy of Sherman's latest book? Let us know below.

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