Each week at 4pm we highlight the best of the best in Socially Awkward Media. This Thursday marks the first May 2020 edition of Socially Awkward Media as we head towards May. We continue to adjust as sports fan with still no North American professional sports or college leagues in action. Are fans ready to watch Korean Baseball? Can the UFC be more popular than ever this weekend? Plus will you be watching UFC or WWE's Money in the Bank?

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Bill-Ric Flair has spoken

Jamal-KA got screwed over with the Nets. It would be great if he came back to the Knicks and led them past the Nets. But at the same time JVG back would be legendary! He said he’s always regret quitting on the Knicks back in 01. Maybe he comes to redeem himself

Max-the guys on big board sports are straight up dorks

Eric (Millhouse from Simpsons)-But My mom says I'm cool!

Monte-Re: Adam Jones: There is a reason we have a condiment called TACO sauce. #NoKetchup

Travis-there’s no turmoil in philly with the Hurts pick lol Wentz was paid and is obv the franchise. People want there to be an issue where there isn’t. #PumpTheBrakes

Matt-That’s a T-shirt also by the way Levack and Goz on the front competition problem on the back

Jim on the app from Saratoga-I wanna know if there’s talk about what Knicks "hooked up with" by Biggie Smalls

Linda-Hello (march 18th 2019)

Darren Rovell-Winner!

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