Okay, I admit I am weird for the beard. Brian Wilson, Brett Keisel- eat your heart out, fellas. It's NHL playoff time and as fans we have to do strange things to help our team. In the true hockey tradition it's time for the ugly facial face to work it's magic.

If you don't know what I am talking about, check out the history of the NHL playoffs where the more superstitious players will grow their beards and not shave until they either A) lose or preferably B) win the cup. Fans have picked up on the time honored tradition and I am no different.

The NY Rangers are the top seed in the East with an excellent chance to make a deep and long run in the postseason. In honor of that my radio program is going to the hair, or should I say beard. The program originates on 104.5 The Team, ESPN radio from Albany. We are a 3 man operation and as lead host and show dictator I have told my crew they must grow the facial hair along with me. So starting today, after my morning shave, a razor, scissor or any other cutting means will not come near my face until the Rangers hoist that long-awaited Cup!

Before you ask, yes, I believe the sacrifice works. It did back in 92-93 when the Rangers broke a 53-year jinx and hoisted the Cup, setting up a delirious celebration. It also caused my face to look terrible, as hair was growing wild, but it worked, as the Rangers won. I still feel to this day had I not made that "ultimate" sacrifice, my team wouldn't have won. Yes, I feel I contributed to the title.

I have grown the beard every year since then. Sadly, the Rangers haven't had  much success  so it hasn't been too bad.

Now as far as my crew goes, producer Pierce Brix already has a permanent beard, but now it gets bushy. Tech Director Brian Cady can't grow facial fuzz if his life depended on it. Babyface comes to mind. I wonder- if the Rangers make the 2-month trek, just how awful will Cady's face look? As for me, I am a medium beard guy. I could grow it, it doesn't grow in patches, but usually get irritated with it because it itches badly.

But hey- sacrifice, my friends. I want the boys to bring home the Cup, and if this is what I have to do to help that along, then it's the price I'll pay. You can follow along  the progression of Beards on our Facebook page-game on with Bruce Jacobs- as the hairy festival starts tonight.

May my beard grow to the floor. May Giants pitcher Brian Wilson get beard envy. As for that Keisel clump, I don't think so!

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