Former NBA Player and Coach Don Nelson did an interview with Bryant Gumble of HBO's Real Sports last night and the man is interesting to say the least. Nelson now lives in Hawaii on the island of Maui where he grows flowers, coffee and cannabis. You'd think  a former NBA coach living in Hawaii growing and smoking pot while hosting legendary poker games would be the craziest part of the interview, you'd be wrong. Nelson shares the story of when he tried to trade Patrick Ewing.

When Nelson was the coach of the New York Knicks from July of 1995 to March of 1996 he attempted to trade legendary Knick Center Patrick Ewing. Nelson says Knicks' owner James Dolan heard him out but ultimately the trade idea cost him his job. It's hard to think of the Knicks trading Ewing at that point considering he played for five more seaon going to two more All Star Game after the idea but when you hear who the trade was for, you might change your mind. Allegedly Shaquille O'Neil was interested in joining the Knicks. I love Ewing but the idea of Shaq as a Knick is pretty intriguing.

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