The New York Knicks finally made their debut on the ESPN Michael Jordan 10 part documentary "The Last Dance" last night. Obviously the story is focused on Jordan and his Chicago Bulls but I couldn't help but wonder if my favorite team, the 1990 Knicks' were just a footnote in MJ's legacy. ESPN senior NBA writer Chris herring joined Levack and Goz to talk about the team he covered for the Wall Street Journal, The Knicks.

Knicks v Bulls Rodman
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Herring is writing a book titled "Blood on the Hardwood: the flagrant history of the 1990's Knicks" which makes him perfect to discuss the Knicks place in this period of NBA history. It's easy to forget just how good the 90's Knicks were and how close they came to dethroning the Bulls. However close doesn't win championships. Listen to Chris Herring below and if you're a Knicks' fan like me you're going to be wanting this book bad!

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