Fans eagerly awaiting more in-game footage from EA Sports UFC can rejoice as a new trailer has just been released giving us a better look at numerous fighters.

This EA Sports UFC Gameplay Series video breaks down the amount of details in accurately capturing and translating every face and body of each fighter in order to make the most accurate and authentic-looking fights ever made for an MMA video game. EA has gone the distance in trying to promote authenticity -- every fighter has most of their trademark taunts, poses and statures accurately captured and translated into the gameplay. We would say that we're unsure if EA Sports UFC will break a leg, but given that Anderson Silva is a part of the official roster...

Still, for as good as everything has looked so far, we still haven't seen much beyond single fighters standing or bouncing around. The actual combat in the combat sport has been kept to a minimum, and it's nearing time when EA is going to have to start showing some real gameplay. Otherwise, we might suspect EA Sports UFC could have more in common with NBA Live 14 than EA Sports MMA.

This will be the first UFC title released since 2012's UFC Undisputed 3, which came out just before THQ sold the rights to the franchise to Electronic Arts. EA Sports UFC is set to make gamers tap once it is released this spring for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.