All week long, Levack and Goz will be broadcasting from Radio Row in the Mall of America leading up to the big game, Super Bowl 52. The guys were joined by Boston College radio broadcaster and former Boston radio host Jon Meterparel. At Super Bowl 39, Meterparel shared a story of when he was in Jacksonville covering the Super Bowl and Eagles fans booed him!

 I love their passion... I didn’t like the fact that when I was walking down the street in Jacksonville 13 years ago they were yelling at me! Like I had anything to do with New England. You know it’s bad when they yell at the radio talk show host, even if they think you might have something to do with the patriots I have no idea. But you know what, god love em. Their passionate and they will probably outnumber the patriots fans, im sure they will be jacked up beyond belief. I think it will be a really good game, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a field goal game but I see New England winning


Are Eagles fans the worst in football? Plus what are Meterparel's thoughts early on in the week for Sunday's big game?  Did you miss something from Radio Row this week? To follow complete coverage from Levack and Goz follow this link below.



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