We are two games into the Kristaps Porzingis-New York Knicks NBA Summer League marriage, and it seems as good a time as any to give some early, bullet point thoughts:

Kristaps Porzingis (Getty Images).
Kristaps Porzingis (Getty Images).

1. I think Porzingis is a good player. He's averaging 10.5 points a game in 18.5 minutes. That's offensive efficiency.

2. Those 10.5 ppg? They are more than Langston Galloway, who spent real time with the Knicks last season, and is playing 30 minutes a game. It's also only half a point less than fellow first-rounder Jerian Grant, who is playing 26.5 minutes.

3. Porzingis isn't soft. Clyde Frazier made the point in Game No. 1 and it's completely accurate: He isn't soft, he's just not strong yet. He's willing to go to the hoop, he's willing to dive on the floor, and he's willing to play defense in the paint. He isn't shying from contact, he just can't absorb it yet. There's a huge difference.

4. He has a soft touch. He's only 65 percent from the line so far, but he's gotten there, and his stroke looks good. He'll find his rhythm and be a nice shooter in this league.

Hey, it's not October yet, and the games don't mean anything, but I'm impressed.

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