If you are feeling a little landlocked this weekend, you can get a taste of the coast in several Capital Region towns.

I will admit that we do have some really good seafood restaurants here in the Capital Region. But sometimes when it comes to certain dishes, you just want to go to the most qualified experts. For example, you would not look anywhere outside of the state of New York for a great slice of pizza, right? You would go to the best of the best right here in the Capital Region and Upstate New York.

Well, the same applies to lobster. When you want a region's specialty, you go to the experts in the region. In this case, Maine, which is a little bit of a drive. But this weekend (August 13-14, 2022) - that great Maine lobster and preparation is coming to US right here in the Capital Region!

Cousins Maine Lobster Trucks Coming to the Capital Region

You maybe remember Cousins Maine Lobster was once featured on the TV reality investment show Shark Tank, and the story goes, the food truck was started by 2 Maine natives who wanted to bring the real Maine lobster experience to where they were living in California. After the Shark Tank visit and investment, the idea blossomed into a nationwide franchise with restaurants and food trucks operating all over the country, including in New York City.

Those NYC food trucks which serve up a menu of classic Maine lobster rolls and more are making their way to 3 Capital Region locations this Saturday and Sunday, according to their Facebook page. Here is where and when you can find them for a great taste of Maine:

Guilderland Center

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Saturday, August 13th, Noon to 8 pm: Mixed Breed Brewing Company - 457 Route 146, Guilderland Center.


Google Maps Streetview
Google Maps Streetview

Saturday, August 13th, Noon to 7 pm: Cooper's Daughter Spirits at Olde York Farm, 284 Route. 23, Claverack

Round Lake

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Google Maps Streetview

Sunday, August 14th, 10 am to 4pm: Markets at Round Lake 2022 - United States Postal Service, 49 Burlington Ave, Round Lake

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