Yesterday on Levack and Goz Baltimore Sun writer Ed Lee joined the show to discuss his 2018 preseason lacrosse rankings. Lee had ranked the UAlbany Great Danes as the one number team in the country heading into the 2018 season. With the return of Connor Fields and highly touted recruiting class, Lee believes 2018 can be the break out season for the Great Danes. Some could wonder why a local writer in mid-Atlantic region did not side towards those schools regionally (Maryland, Navy, Virginia). Lee believed that the Great Danes are poised to get off the top in similar fashion to schools in 2017 like Maryland and Towson. What about the push back from other fans? Do supporters of schools like Johns Hopkins, Rutgers, Penn State, Yale and others believe they should be the number one team rather than Albany. Lee notes that he has not had that type of push back yet. To hear the complete interview click on the link below.

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