Ed Reed had four tackles against the Kansas City Chiefs during a 30-7 Ravens' win on Sunday.  Four tackles doesn't sound like much.  The four tackles that Ed Reed recorded were enormous for one simple reason.

Ed Reed's brother jumped into the Mississippi river to avoid police on Friday.  Authorities called off the search to find Brian Reed a day later.

Ed Reed elected to play in a game only one day after his brother disappeared.  His brother could be dead.  The fact that Ed Reed put the team in front of his own personal situation is extremely impressive.

Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

It was reported that Ed Reed was emotional after the win when he was presented with the game ball in the locker room.  Reed was emotional on the plane ride from Kansas City, and broke down once the team got to Ravens' headquarters.

You always hear people talk about how athletes supposedly only care about the money.  It would've been completely acceptable for Ed Reed to take the day off considering his brother had gone missing.  He didn't.  He played.  That doesn't sound like a guy who only cares about money.