As of this Sunday, employers in New York State are now required by law to disclose a very important piece of information when posting a job opening with their company. We have the latest updates on this new law, and how it could positively impact you in the future.

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New York Employers are Now Required By Law to Post Salary Information

A story from New York Upstate and other outlets shared the news that New York lawmakers had approved a new law that requires employers to publicize salary information as part of their job postings. As long as the business in question has at least four current workers, they will be required to share a salary range (not necessarily the specific figure) with all prospective applicants moving forward.

Unsplash / Nathan Dumlao
Unsplash / Nathan Dumlao

Though the law will benefit all prospective employees, it is specifically designed to give women and people of color a tool to advocate for equal pay for equal work, according to the source. In theory, employers will have less of an ability to profile applicants based on gender, race and other factors with this law going into effect.

It's not an iron-clad solution to the problem, but it's being touted as a big step in the right direction.

Unsplash / Ernie Journeys
Unsplash / Ernie Journeys

There are two halves to this story, however, and the bill going into effect was only the first half. Now, employers are going to have to follow the rules, and those involved in enforcing the rules are going to have to find a way to monitor the compliance of every business in the state.

Long story short, there is still a long road ahead for job applicants in New York who want to know their salary ranges before they're hired.

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