The NFL season is back and so is ESPN NFL Fantasy Football insider Field Yates. Thanks to MOHAWK ARMY NAVY the Capital Regions MVP for work boots and all your Carhartt Gear. So every Wednesday at 3 pm make sure you're listening on 104.5 FM or the free 104.5 The Team App.

For any last second Fantasy needs or NFL front office insight and news Field Yates is our guy. Of course I picked his brain about all my leagues and you can too all season long. The first thing we ask him is what does Zeke Elliott's new contract with the Dallas Cowboys mean for the New York Giants and the rest of the NFL. Just Tweet @1045theteam, @THEjefflevack or @TomGozz and we'll relay your questions to Field. Below is everything you need to know from Field's first interview back on Levack and Goz this season.

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