Jaws gets the heave but Chucky stays? I don't like this at all!

In case you missed it Ron Jaworski was taken off Monday Night Football leaving the booth to the Great Mike Tirico and the brown nose kiss up Jon Gruden. BAD MOVE!

I loved Jaws and not really a big fan of Gruden the broadcaster. Every coach is great even if they are a 2-12 ballclub. See St Louis vs Seattle 2nd to last MNF game of the year. it was sickening to listen to Gruden tell the millions how this coach and that coach are wonderful. really Jon then exactly why is this team 2-12?

This wasn't isolated. Gruden sucks up to everyone. I don't mind friendly treatment but your alliegence is to the audience, or it should be not the teams and the coaches. If you are like me I want honest analysis not "oh that guy is great and this guy is great". YUCK!. I don't mind giving the benefit of the doubt but Chucky never seems to have any doubt.

Now Jaws on the other hand gave it to us straight. I love Jaws!. He is articulate, honest, and a great listen. He was prepared and ready and enthused. This is a big loss for Football fans in my opinion.

The good part is Mike Tirico is a great broadcaster and flat out honest. I love him! In my opinion Tirico is right there with Gus Johnson, Sean McDonough, Marv Albert and  1 or 2 more at the top of the game. Honest.Interesting. Serving the viewer not the teams.

I hope Jon Gruden returns to the sidelines someday SOON. I like him as a coach. Think he does a good job as a coach. Please let the competitve juices come back soon Jon and go coach. Suck up MNF broadcasts aren't as good as honest give it to me straight broadcasts.

Sadly for whatever reason Jaws moves on and Gruden stays!

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