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Jon Gruden Talks To Jon Gruden [VIDEO]
Jon Gruden is living so close to living his best life. Imagine what he'll be like when the Raiders are actually good. Not only is Gruden the center of most QB rumors but he had a chance to "talk to himself" last night. Comedian Frank Caliendo has been doing a great Gruden impersonatio…
The Raiders Or The Giants Have To Be On Hard Knocks
The HBO show "Hard Knocks" is one of my favorite shows every season. Each year they find drama and personalities no matter the team. The behind the scenes look as NFL teams make the cuts needed to form their 53 man roster along with the real life look at established stars and their familie…
Levack’s Worst Super Bowl Memory EVER! [VIDEO]
You would think that your favorite NFL team missing the Super Bowl due to a terrible rule that isn't even a rule anymore would be the worst. To be honest it was, until Super Bowl XXXVII when the Oakland Raiders got destroyed by their former coach.
Derek Carr On Gruden’s QB Camp [VIDEO]
Jon Gruden always seems to want to coach the QB's he features on his camp but this time it's really happened. Derek Carr and Jon Gruden look like a match made in heaven to me and hopefully they click the way Gruden and then journeyman QB Rich Gannon did. This could be the beginning of some…
Frank Caliendo & His Many Voices Join Big Board Sports
Does Jon Gruden want the Giants head coaching job? What does John Madden make of the Brett Favre's post-football career as a pitchman? Can Lou Holtz make sense of this year's College Football Playoff and what does Morgan Freeman do when he opens the fridge to find there is no milk for his …
Extensive Run List
Bills head coach Rex Ryan said on Tuesday that LeSean McCoy would be able to play in Sunday’s regular season opener against the Cleveland Browns. One thing’s for sure, his presence is very important for the Bills.
Jon Gruden Breaks Down The Royal Rumble [VIDEO]
WWE fans biggest day of the year is this Sunday when Wrestlemania 31 invades San Francisco. One of the biggest events on this years Super Bowl of wrestling is the Andre the Giant Royal Rumble. Who better to break down the combatants then the master of the film room, Jon Gruden...
Hand-Turkey Intensity
Jon Gruden is intense at pretty much everything he does, including this hand-turkey that he made. Look at the detail and dedication on this thing. Any one really surprised though?
Credit to Bleacher Report for the original post.
Frank Caliendo Versus Jon Gruden In QB Camp [VIDEO]
It is no secret the Raiders glory days died shortly after Jon Gruden left for Tampa Bay. So as a lifeling Oakland Raiders fan(LA Raiders for a short window) I love Chucky. Put his QB camp on TV and I'm watching. Add Frank Caliendo doing his Gruden impersonation and I am ALL IN...

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