The Buffalo Sabres season has come to an end. For those who love hockey in Buffalo, and even for the average fan, the last few games were intense and in true Buffalo fashion kept us on the edge of our seats.

While there are a few more games to go for the Buffalo Sabres at home, many fans are already looking to the future and starting to feel confident in what is yet to come for this young team and things certainly look great for the newest addition. At just 21 years-old, Devon Levi has a bright future and has found a home in Buffalo, New York.

There is one thing that hockey and football fans have in common. We love to talk about and even criticize our teams. However, when an outsider throws shade or some sort of disrespect toward Buffalo and our teams, we get fired up. We all know the Buffalo Sabres are out of the playoffs. ESPN was quick to Tweet about it and the fans were quick to get defensive.

It has been over a decade since the Buffalo Sabres made the playoffs. There are some fans who don't remember the glory days and the fun of an NHL playoff run. But just like the NFL playoff drought that the Buffalo Bills went through, sooner or later the time will come for the Buffalo Sabres and after what we saw at the end of this season, it seems much sooner for this team to advance to the post season.

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