When it comes to covering the New York Giants there are very few that do it better than Jordan Ranaan, whether he'll admit it or not. The last few weeks rumors have swirled around Big Blue and it's to the point we need to call Ranaan to see what rumors may bear fruit.

A week ago the rumor was that New England Patriots Defensive Coordinator Matt Patricia was a shoe-in to be the next Giants' head coach. Now it seems he's locked in on the Detroit Lions job. So where does that leave the Giants? Minnesota Vikings Offensive Coordinator Pat Shurmur. He's a former head coach in Cleveland and has gained the reputation of a "Quarterback Whisperer." All that together and it seems now when the Vikings' season ends Shurmur will move to Metlife.

The Giants are going to 'play by the rules' according to Jordan Ranaan. That means waiting until the Vikings' season is over before officially offering him the contract. Does a Shurmur-run Giants team have a chance to make it work 2018?

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