This year we were live from Radio Row at Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta and just like every year we met many great people. This year a story has stuck with me. The story of New York Giants' Corner Back Grant Haley. Haley's football journey of going from Undrafted free agent to starting corner for the Giants is great on it's own but the real reason Haley was on Radio Row is far better. Haley was spreading the word trying to help his mother. Thanks to ESPN's Jordan Raanan we now know he accomplished his mission.

Listen to Haley's story from the Super Bowl HERE. The update is a kind woman just miles from his mother, Dr. Carla Neal-Haley heard the story and helped. To fully grasp Carla's story you really need to read Raanan's article but I'll try to sum it up. Neal-Haley was in need of a partial liver transplant which is why her son Grant went to Radio Row. A Griffin Middle School principal by the name of Cathie Seibert, heard about Neal-Haley's condition through a friend and decided to help. Luckily she was a match and now is Neal-Haley on the road to recovery.

I am so grateful to hear this story has a happy ending. Grant Haley was able to be there for his mother with support of the Giants. Now Haley will have a major weight lifted from his shoulders as he competes to keep his starting corner job with the Giants.

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