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ESPN’s Jordan Ranaan On Pat Shurmur [AUDIO]
When it comes to covering the New York Giants there are very few that do it better than Jordan Ranaan, whether he'll admit it or not. The last few weeks rumors have swirled around Big Blue and it's to the point we need to call Ranaan to see what rumors may bear fruit.
ESPN’s Jordan Ranaan Shares The McAdictionary [AUDIO]
Live from Giants camp at the Quest Diagnostic training facility we had a chance to sit doen with's Jordan Ranaan. His sole job is to cover the the New York Football Giants. We got the inside scoop on Sterling Shepard, the fights at camp and Ben McAdoo's hidden meaning and phrases.…
Jordan Ranaan On OBJ and Giants OTAs [AUDIO]
The Giants concluded voluntary Organized Team Activities yesterday and Odell Beckham Jr was a no show yet again. He wasn't alone as Defensive end Olivier Vernon was also absent. ESPN's Giants beat reporter Jordan Ranaan gives us the information as to where he was and if it's an issue …
What Do The Giants Need To Do In The NFL Draft? [AUDIO]
The Giants have made some nice free agent moves this off season. Pair that together with the moves of last off season and it appears the Giants are close to being contenders. So what exactly do the Giants need to do in this year's NFL Draft to get over the championship hurdle...

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