The Cleveland Indians' historic winning streak is done and so is what was a simultaneous downspiral by the team with the best record in MLB, the Dodgers. How have these recent events swayed our thoughts about which team is the favorite to win it all? Quite a bit.

First, it should be pointed out that the Indians were painfully close to winning the World Series last year, so it's hardly a surprise if they again contend for a title which would end a championship drought going back to 1948. And yet, Cleveland's recent 22 game winning streak put them ahead of the Astros, in my mind, to win the AL pennant.

Now, to the Dodgers. A team that went more than 2 months without a losing a series to a struggle which, to me, has dropped them out of contention to win the World Series. Get there? Perhaps, but history tells us a team that endures a double-digit game losing streak will not win the World Series. Most of those teams don't even sniff the playoffs, and so for Los Angeles to still have the best record in baseball really says something for how good they were through the summer.

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