As someone who is surrounded by all the NFL games and information on a Sunday afternoon, Randy Scott is a high-level traffic cop for radio listeners. The SportsCenter AM anchor is holed up in a studio with former NFL linebacker Bobby Carpenter tasked with creating visuals of the up-to-the-second events of every NFL game going on. With the help of eight monitors in front of him and producers in his ear, Scott makes sense of what is often times chaos and then delivers the highlights and news to listeners.

Scott is blessed with the ability to improvise in high-pressure moments (he was a standup comedian) and that plays well, not only on Sunday's with Operation Football, but also weekday mornings with SC co-anchor Nicole Briscoe.

Scott joined Onorato & Bagnardi on Monday afternoon to recap all the action from Week 5 and to give his biggest takeaways and surprises of the season so far.

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