With the ESPYs coming up on Wednesday, we take a look at another category involving New York athletes.

Category: Best Moment

New York Team/Athlete Involved: Mariano Rivera's Final MLB Appearance

Other Nominees: USA soccer defeating Ghana at the World Cup, Kevin Durant's MVP Acceptance Speech

About Mariano: The pure emotion of Rivera's final season was enough to inspire anyone in 2013. From his final all-star game to all the gifts he received on the field, Rivera was a class act all the way. One of the best pitchers of all-time, Mariano brought cheers everywhere he went. His final appearance was no different, as Rivera was taken out by longtime teammates Derek Jeter and Andy Pettitte in one of the best moments in recent memory.

About the Others: The U.S. win over Ghana in game one of the 2014 World Cup helped re-spark the soccer craze in the U.S., and Durant's speech was a refreshing display of honesty from a major superstar. His references and affection to his mom and his teammates were reminders that not all athletes are selfish. However, the winner is still Rivera in a landslide.

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