If you're ever looking for a meaningless argument that sends people into unwarranted fits of rage, try to explain to someone where exactly "Upstate New York" is. This should be fairly simple, right? We all learned from "Sesame Street" the difference between UP and down yet many of you are dead wrong about where Upstate New York is. The city is downstate so anything above it logically is UPSTATE.

I can almost see the smoke coming from some of your ears while you twitch and mutter things like "Central New York?" "Have you ever been to Red Hook?" and "Buffalo is Western New York!" under your breath. Maybe you've actually begun to yell at your computer and looked over to your radio to see if I'm on yet so you can call and explain to me the error of my ways. There's a link to the station App below, you can message me directly on it but before you do just remember that you're wrong. All the distinctions you're attempting to make mean nothing. Central, Western, or any other designation you'd like to make are still part of Upstate New York. "How could you say such a thing?!" well it's simple, New York City is Downstate New York and all the places you're thinking of are north of NYC which makes them... say it with me... UPSTATE NEW YORK.

If you need to hear from another source about Buffalo, Niskayuna and every other part of the state not in the city is upstate you can just watch Homer Simpson RUDELY sing the confirmation.

Here's the most wonderful part about this argument—it's stupid! I will never give in to your flawed logic and you'll cling to your delusion with your dying breath. Even though we can't get along I still appreciate you...my fellow upstate New Yorker!

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