With the Packers back in the Super Bowl for the first time since the Super Bowl 33 loss to the Denver Broncos, led by John Elway, allot of question have come up mostly revolving around the quarterback position. It is also the First since replacing an aging Brett Favre with youthful Aaron Rodgers. People are comparing Favre to Rodgers and some are saying that if Rodgers wins this Super Bowl that he will be a better Green Bay Packer quarterback then Brett Favre.

People are looking at the fact that it took Favre 5 seasons to get to his first Super Bowl, and Aaron Rodgers just 3 little old seasons. What they don’t understand is the team was a lot better off when Rodgers took it over then when Favre did. When Favre took over the Packers they hadn’t made the playoffs in over ten years and were a laughing stock. They went 4 and 12 the season prior to him taking the rains of an awful loosing team. He also had to fight for the job against names like Kurt Warner; it wasn’t just handed to him like Rodgers.

When Aaron Rodgers took over the team the Packers were fresh off an appearance in the 2007 NFC championship game that could of gone either way.  He stumbled in his first season and didn’t make the playoffs, but had them back to playoffs in his second season and in the Super Bowl in his third.  Bottom line  is Aaron Rodgers took over a much better team then Brett Favre did, a team that had a defensive player of the year and all pro wide receivers like Donald Driver that he had worked with in practice for 3 years before becoming the starting Quarterback. Brett was just forced into a system that was new to everyone in Green Bay and he succeeded right from the get go. Turning all the cheese heads frowns upside down.

People in Green Bay and the rest of the country are choosing to forget about B

rett’s 61 thousand yards passing as a Packer. They are also forgetting  that he holds almost every quarterbacking record in NFL History, and that he is a sure fire hall of famer. Brett has had his issues, all after leaving Green Bay, but there was more then a few years that the Packers were competitive in just because of Brett Favre.  They dumped him and he lost it a little, it’s understandable.  The guys I know have all done some pretty stupid stuff after being dumped (IE. Stalk there Ex. On facebook ,or in real life). We just aren’t thinking clearly.

The retirement saga, the 17 women stepping forward and saying he tried to get them to get down and dirty with him over text messages, and that the inner hillbilly inside of his family is coming out in meth making scandals. These all came out after  he was the pope of Cheese head nation. All of this is no excuse to just toss the greatest quarterback who has ever played to the side of the road like an old stained mattress. Get with it people there just isn’t enough data to call Aaron Rodgers a better quarterback and there won’t be for almost 20 years. Just forgive and forget cheese heads, he is retired, pull out the old number 4 jersey’s and get ready for Brett Favre day next season.