Check out the priceless reaction of a female fan getting grossed out after touching the very sweaty Kris Humphries.

Memo to NBA fans; NBA players happen to sweat.  They sweat a lot.  If you touch an NBA player, it’s very likely that your hands will be covered in sweat.  A female fan at an Oklahoma City Thunder game found this out first hand on Wednesday night as the Brooklyn Nets beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 110-93.

Kris Humphries was walking off the court and decided to show some love to the fans by slapping hands with them.  Humphries slapped hands with a woman who was immediately disgusted about the fact that her hand was covered in sweat.  She proceeded to wipe her right hand off on the man standing next to her.  She then grabbed a cell phone and started working away as if she wasn’t completely disgusted just seconds prior about her hand being covered in sweat.  Good stuff.  Women sure do love cell phones and hate sweat.

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