After months of trash talking, lineup changes, and injuries, the championship has now been officially set for the the Townsquare media fantasy football league championship. On one side we have the only hope for 1045 The Team. Producer Matt Woods' team (Show Me Your TD's) defeated Andrea's team 134-105. Woods' team grabbed a second victory already this postseason. On the side of the championship game is the two time defendingn league champion, Kevin Rich. Sales Manager Rich's Stafford Infection defeated WGNA morning show host, Sean McMaster's team (The McMasterbaters) 119-103. According to projections, Show Me Your TD's is listed as a 6 point favorite. Below are the projected starting lineups. What do you believe has a better chance to win?

Show Me Your TD's

Dak Prescott

Dez Bryant

O'Dell Beckham Jr

Lamar Miller

DeMarco Murray

Greg Olsen

Pierre Garcon

Matt Ryan

New York Giants Defense


Stafford Infection

Aaron Rodgers

T.Y. Hilton

Stefon Diggs

LeSean McCoy

Frank Gore

Antonio Gates

Golden Tate

Drew Brees

Houston Texans Defense