I will start by saying there isn't much I don't love about Kentucky Fried Chicken. I remember family dinners where we'd get a bucket of KFC and everyone happily ate it. The taste, the options the smell all things I am a fan of. HOWEVER i'm not sure I can get behind the newest product from Colonel Sanders and KFC. I love the smell but mainly I love the smell because that means I'm about to eat KFC. So I'm not sure how I feel about fire wood that makes your house smell like KFC.

KFC has decided to sell the "11 Herbs and Spices Fire Log" this holiday season. I must admit I'm curious and would like to smell it but I also know that the second I light that log on fire I will NEED to go to KFC and get a bucket of Extra Crispy. Well played Colonel Sanders! Now not only will I be buying your Fire Log but I'll be grabbing a bucket of chicken every time I have a fire too!

Clearly I wasn't alone in my curiosity. While I was writing this the logs sold out.

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