Each Thursday at 4:00 pm, we present "Socially Awkward Media". The segment has become many listeners' favorites as it is always so unpredictable. This week, we broadcasted live from the Full Moon Bar and Grill for the last qualifying event for the Bud Light Super Bowl Sendoff.

The weekly segment spotlights the best and worst social media posts from the past week from 1045 The Team's social media platforms and Levack and Goz's. .Some of the posts want answers to burning sports topics, while others, well... don't. Below is who made this week's Top 10 list. Plus listen to Levack and Goz's reaction to some of the tweets below.

Kool K-Hey what do you think of Bills QB Josh Allen being one of the top consistent rushers in the NFL for the last 2-3 weeks

Levack alot of tweets about your Amazon discovery-

Stephen-You sound offended dude like baby it’s cold outside offended I’d take it up with a higher power might get rich off it

Jake Seems like something Goz would observe not you

Ron- (emial) Hey Goz, I love the show.  I am not a Tyler Lockett fan by any means, but I think that you misspoke today.   I wouldn't consider him a mediocre receiver.  He's on track for 1000 yards and 12 touchdowns.  Sure he's benefitted from Baldwin being out, but he's stepping up.  He's a top 25 receiver right now.

Chris-Not sure what game you guys watched, but the Cowboys were absolutely NOT favored by the refs in the Saints game. Refs cost them a fumble and allowed the only Saints TD despite a clear OPI.

John-Time to negotiate a new 

Ginny-Too many Tide Pods for Gronk

DRB-"He's a big dumb animal, isn't he folks?"

Casey-this is painful to read/see

Jimhall-So Cashman has a burner account.... I wonder if he’s engage in a tweef (credit to ) with anyone????

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