Each Thursday at 4pm we bring you the segment called Socially Awkward Media. The segment that spotlights the best, worst and the most awkward comments from this past week's social media platforms. Levack and I bring you our first 2020 edition of the segment below.

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Boston Dan-Not the best but very underrated


Ryan-Which comes first: the Browns in the playoffs or Baker Mayfield in another commercial?


Mr Rodger-Gase is socially awkward.  He probably (I assume) has had media training, but obviously hasn't worked.  He just stares down at the floor from under the brim of his cap.


Matthew-He won't play. This is clickbait


Chef Mike-Sorry Goz.. what a way to end it.. @TomGozz


Donald-You are only saying that because you are hoping that Tampa Bay drafts him?


Robert-11 TD passes in a game is the record. Do you think he has 5 more in him for the 2nd half?!?


...Geaux Tigers!!!


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