Each Thursday at 4pm we bring you the segment called Socially Awkward Media. The segment that spotlights the best, worst and the most awkward comments from this past week's social media platforms. Levack and I bring you this week's edition live from the studio as it marks the first Socially Awkward Media of February 2020. How has social media responded to the "alleged" kickoff of the XFL? What were the feelings about the Mookie Betts trade?

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John-i enjoy listening to Golic and Wingo. One annoying problem is that the first 3 minutes or so is their show plus your station over

Jon C-Why did you guys drop Freddie coleman?


Matt-The best part about @Stugotz790 STUpodity was when he was all chummy with the guys from @1045TheTeam An ESPN radio station that doesn't even air your show. They took it off a few weeks after you went national. the top of it


Mike-Where’sAlexander-Superbowl halftime show; Indiana Jones, has to be one of the best, right? @THEjefflevack @TomGozz


Kris-Who cares about football anymore. The NFL YouTube channel has 7.9 mill views of game main highlights,yet has 75 mill views of the half time show. your heads ? Gut shot lol

Tim-a little spin on this whole Jeter thing... maybe someone didn't vote for Jeter because maybe they felt that Jeter didn't measure up to Rivera who went in unanimously... maybe they felt Rivera should be the only person voted 100%?

Beam Me Up Scotty-what's your top 4 NCAAM basketball conferences this year? I got 1. Big 10 2. Big East 3. Big 12 4. ACC

Ryan-I want in on the Bus if you would be so kind to let me on

JP-I think we should have a best out of three for the Superbowl......we could have three superbowl weeks instead of just one

DRB-Couldn’t have done one more half hour of work? #NotNice

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