I often get emails about what  is the best type of knife to have on you in the woods. From the most common to the most practical knifes are a key part of camping. A good knife might just be the difference between a frustrating camping trip, and an amazing camping trip.

The First type of knife people fall in love with is the straight pocket knife. No frills ( kinda like dating Alan Fish) what you see is what you get.  These knifes are good for basic knife task. But they lack in the Tool area.

Unlike the cast on Entourage

If you are making a pointy stick, or badly cutting your self while trying to shave like a tuff guy this is the knife for you.  Then again if you want a knife that can do more then make you look like Crocodile Dundee’s incredibly stupid little brother you are going to have to look elsewhere for a knife.

The Next Knife is the classic Swiss Army Knife (or in most cases the Knockoff Swiss Army Knife).  It has more functionality then your basic pocket knife usually with a saw a tooth pick and a can opener (which is great for opening wild cans of beans that grow along the trial).  This knife functions more like a tool then a knife, but it’s kind of like the Alan Wrench that comes with crappy furniture. Its good enough to do what your trying to do but in the same breath when your done building it your afraid to use it.  These knifes are great for Boy Scouts and that dude down the street that thinks car camping is roughing it.

 It’s called a shanty town when your crappy shelter is 3 feet away from his crappy shelter. Its not called camping ask Herbert Hoover.

This knife to me is nothing more then a cool toy that you get board of after 30 minutes of use.  If you’re trying to teach a knife safety course this is the knife for you. However if you’re trying to get crap done in the woods you better leave the toys at home.

You want a good knife I’ll tell you about a good knife “The MultiTool”. These knifes can be as extravagant or as simple as you like. The one I carry has 28 full functioning tools, including a fish scaler I use all the time. Pliers which is a must for when you are fishing, saws files and even a built in compass in case  I got lost in the awesomeness that is my knife.

If you any stories or photos of your Adirondack adventures email them to alanfish@1045theteam.com