Joe Flacco just got paid. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback and Super Bowl champion signed a 3-year extension that broke records. On Wednesday, Flacco signed the contract that contained a $40M signing bonus. That's literally a check for $40M just for signing his name.

Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome explained the reasoning for such a large deal at this time.

"We did not do a deal to gain cap room," Newsome said. "We did a deal so Joe Flacco could be on this football team for the next six years."

The deal in its entirety is worth $66.4M with $44M guaranteed.

"Teams struggle with the quarterback position," Newsome said. "Philly signing [Sam] Bradford and Washington having to put the franchise tag on [Kirk] Cousins -- they don't have the résumé that Joe has. For us to being moving with a guy that's got eight years, one Super Bowl and been in three AFC Championship Games, that speaks volumes."

Flacco's signing bonus is $3M more than what any other NFL player had ever received.

So the question that has always surrounded Flacco returns; is Joe Flacco elite?

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