Former Albany High Basketball player Ayanna Hunter was killed in a shooting on Memorial Day in Niskayuna, as reported by the Times Union. Ayanna Hunter was 21 years old and, according to the Times Union's reporting, had considering the possibility of returning to Albany High School to mentor current basketball players and students.

The shooting took place Monday evening in Niskayuna. Police responded to the scene quickly after they received reports of shots fired. Hunter was rushed to the hospital where she was treated for gunshot wounds, before ultimately succumbing to them.

It's always a tragedy when something like this happens and we've all been hit hard by this story. Our thoughts are with Ayanna Hunter's family and Albany High. We talk local sports here every day and are saddened that today talking local sports means mourning one the Capital Region's own.

Read more, including comments from Ayanna Hunter's former coach at The Times Union. 

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