Forgive me paying far more attention to the NBA offseason then the NBA Finals that tip off this Thursday but as a New York Knicks' fan the playoff haven't mattered in years. So in hopes that I can experience the NBA playoffs sooner than later, I'm totally focused on getting the top free agents and potential trade targets. Here are the Vegas odds for the top NBA stars potentially on the move and where they could be headed.

NBA Free Agent Landing Spots
Kevin Durant
New York Knicks 6/5
LA Clippers 17/10
Golden State Warriors 2/1
LA Lakers 6/1
Brooklyn Nets 6/1
Oklahoma City Thunder 40/1

Kawhi Leonard
Toronto Raptors 2/3
LA Clippers 3/2
LA Lakers 4/1
Brooklyn Nets 6/1
New York Knicks 10/1

Anthony Davis
LA Lakers 1/1
Boston Celtics 2/1
New Orleans Pelicans 2/1
New York Knicks 4/1

Jimmy Butler
Philadelphia 76ers 1/2
New York Knicks 6/1
Brooklyn Nets 8/1
LA Lakers 8/1
LA Clippers 8/1
Houston Rockets 9/1
Chicago Bulls 10/1
Miami Heat 12/1

Klay Thompson
Golden State Warriors 1/5
Brooklyn Nets 3/1
Dallas Mavericks 6/1
LA Lakers 6/1
Sacramento Kings 8/1
Utah Jazz 10/1
Indiana Pacers 12/1
Memphis Grizzlies 14/1
Atlanta Hawks 16/1

Kemba Walker
Charlotte Hornets 1/1
LA Lakers 3/2
New York Knicks 4/1
Dallas Mavericks 4/1
LA Clippers 10/1
Chicago Bulls 14/1

D'Angelo Russell
Brooklyn Nets 1/4
Dallas Mavericks 3/1
New York Knicks 4/1
Chicago Bulls 10/1
LA Clippers 12/1

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