It's not every day you run into a champion caliber Pro Wrestler but if you happen to be out and about in the Capital Region you just might. Ring Of Honor's Dalton Castle calls the 518 his home and considering he used to work with me I was able to convince him to join us on Levack and Goz to discuss his career so far and goals for the future.

Dalton was doing a full-time radio show and wrestling on the weekends when I met him years ago. Since then he's been on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, won and held the ROH Heavyweight Championship for 197 days, and talks to his cats a lot on YouTube. Long story short the man is super hard-working, entertaining and is living his dream of being a professional wrestler. Check out Dalton Castle in studio on 104.5 The Team where he makes Goz laugh so hard he turns red and possibly pees a little.

I add this photo not know what the hell was going on at the time but it totally looks like we're about to fight.

Levack and Goz with Dalton Castle
Levack and Goz with Dalton Castle

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